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Better Together at Snow: A Message from our CEO
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Better Together at Snow: A Message from our CEO

By Vishal Rao | June 09, 2020

Yesterday, I started this conversation internally with our Snow Tribe, and I would like to share the message more broadly as we come together to support justice and equality. While there are still further discussions to be had on how we advance real change, here at Snow we believe we are at our best together – and there is no better time to lift each other up.

Snow Tribe, 

Like many of you, my leadership team and I have spent the last few days taking in the full weight of the events that have unfolded in the US and the response to those events from across the world. It has brought to the forefront that systemic inequality, racism, discrimination and oppression are still unacceptable blights on our communities.

This moment in time is when we come together to support one another, our families, and communities in taking a stand for equality and fairness.

What can we do at Snow? 

We can aspire to live up to our Snow Spirit, “we are at our best together”. This value is founded on the principles of mutual respect, care, and support. These principles are at the core of equality and fairness. It sounds deceptively simple, but we all know how difficult it is to live up to, every day, in every scenario and context. 

We can display honesty and courage by challenging ourselves and others when we aren’t at our best and should do better. This is uncomfortable, but it is also powerful and lasting. You have our commitment that we will work hard to provide an environment that supports us all to do this.

We must be more deliberate in nurturing a culture that cherishes inclusivity and diversity. We will have to find meaningful ways to do that. Your ideas, your help and your commitment in this work will be vital. We will start this straight away.

As a tribe we can - and should - also strive to have a more actionable impact on eradicating inequality and injustice beyond Snow. We will be cementing a corporate plan for influencing change, joining our voices to other global bodies that are working to address those issues.

We are fully committed to advancing positive change within Snow and beyond, and know we are all in this together.

Please stay safe, and speak soon.

Vishal & the Leadership Team

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