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Optimizing SAP for more than licensing

By Burton Culley | December 08, 2015

Snow Optimizer for SAP® software is so-named for a very good reason.  It is used by organizations large and small around the world to save millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours by preventing SAP software overspend and make it easy to right-size licenses and license types to actual usage. 

But optimization doesn’t end with software licensing. The solution captures and consolidates a wealth of data that can be applied to many other areas of the SAP landscape.  

One area often overlooked is usage and load of the SAP engines and modules. While this is measured by SAP and reported in the SAP LAW report, the specific data is, unfortunately, not easily seen or analyzed by those who need the information. 

Snow Optimizer for SAP® software can provide in-depth analysis on engines usage.  In turn, this enables deeper analysis of the module usage and the ways in which the SAP system is being utilized. As a gauge of system use, business owners are able to see how the SAP system is logging and reporting their line of business usage. 

The internal app everyone uses for tracking the company operations may indicate there are 200,000 actions being performed, yet the system records 2,000,000 actions. 

Could this be better tuned and controlled? I am sure there are many readers who are thinking “I can get that from my system now.” And yes you can. But in what time-frame (how far back and how quickly)? In what format? From all systems at once? In a report which aggregates and consolidates the usage statistics, load indicators, and status of all systems in the landscape?

As a former Basis/Security Administrator, I know these tasks are possible, I’ve had to do them many times before I was introduced to Snow Optimizer for SAP® software.  I also know they take large blocks of time which could be much-better spent on other projects, other tasks, and other pursuits.

In short, Snow Optimizer for SAP® software provides concise comprehensive results, fast. It clears up confusion and provides a single source for multiple datasets.  It helps you run an optimized SAP environment with less effort and less resources. 

The SAP team has better things to do… To learn more about Snow Optimizer for SAP® software, watch our short video.