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cloud management
The Convergence of Cloud Management and SAM
Tim Jesser looks at how the cloud has changed the responsibilities and mandates of software asset management.
safe travel experiences
Serve Up Safe and Memorable Travel Experiences with Technology
A recent study by Snow shows how travel providers' technology infrastructure can shape customer experiences
How to keep your cloud costs in check
The true cost of AWS
At one time, building the IT infrastructure and managing the software that runs on it was the sole the responsibility of the IT department. Control was centralized, cost was transparent. But the cloud has changed that.
Be ready to optimize your cloud spend - effective management is key
Cloud Spend Up 23%
The evolution to Cloud is changing, or I would even go as far to say that it has changed the way vendors deliver software and services. The model has shifted the cost of software from the balance sheet to profit and loss.
Revealing hidden costs of cloud services
The true cost of Azure
Cloud services provide infrastructure and software more or less at the click of a button, with scalability to match your ever-changing business needs. In short, what organizations get is flexibility. But there’s a price to be paid. At the outset, the seamless, worry-free flexibility that cloud service vendors and their easy-to-use web portals offer might seem like good value.
Changes now focus on users not devices
Adobe Upgrade Simplified
In 2013 Adobe released a statement indicating that they will no longer be selling perpetual software. Instead, it was to release something called Creative Cloud and move the license model from device to subscription user with regular updates and storage from the Cloud.
Subscription Licensing
Managing the Change from Perpetual to Subscription Licensing
Change Management can help ensure such a change in licensing models and technologies is implemented within the IT Infrastructure with as little disruption as possible. This is just one example of how Change Management can help with Software Asset Management related matters.