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The Art of Preparing for an SAP Audit - Unsplash
The Art of Preparing for an SAP Audit
Learn how you can be audit-ready, all the time, with these strategies to overcome common audit challenges.
decentralized IT
How Decentralized IT is Evolving the Role of CIO
A new report by IDG Connect and Snow Software looks at how the CIOs role is changing as a result of decentralized IT and the shift to the cloud
security threats in 2020
Looking ahead – what will be the biggest security threat of 2020?
Victoria Barber offers thoughts on what 2020 might hold for security and how businesses can prepare for the coming year
brexit images
What does Brexit mean for technology assets?
Victoria Barber looks at the current state of Brexit and how businesses can take steps to prepare despite the uncertain nature of Brexit
See the extent of patching in your network in a single view
Patching the Meltdown/Spectre data leak
The IT world of 2018 woke up to an unwelcome bang in the form of Meltdown and Spectre – two widespread hardware vulnerabilities. To encapsulate the problem, which security experts have classified as catastrophic, billions of computers and devices are at risk as the vulnerability exposes the data stored in the most protected part of a device’s hardware; the place where passwords, encryption keys, and other credentials are stored.
Leveraging SAM intelligence and constant optimization
Three phases of SAM maturity with Snow – Part II
In this second and final post in our series on Software Asset Management (SAM) maturity, Patrik Burvall talks about the value of Software Asset Management (SAM) and how it continues to deliver long after initial compliance has been established.
Long-awaited SAM MQ gets the green light. Due 2018.
Gartner confirms Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management solutions
I have it on good authority from inside Gartner that the Magic Quadrant for SAM has finally been given the green light and that the research process will start in September. Creating a Magic Quadrant is, not surprisingly, a major undertaking and it will likely take a team of analysts at Gartner a minimum of six months to complete.
How CIOs can change an adversarial relationship with business units into a profitable partnership
How CIOs and Business Units Can Be BFFs
How CIOs can change an adversarial relationship with business units into a profitable partnership
Snow releases script for discovering ransomware 
Don’t Be Held to Ransom
Ransomware is in the news again this morning as another attack has hit major organisations around the world. This strain of the virus, being dubbed “NotPetya” by Kaspersky Lab, has even infected the Chernobyl power plant’s cooling system, say the BBC.