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SAM Industry News

Snow Cost Savings Calculators
Optimize Your IT Budget With New Cost Savings Calculators
Try our free cost savings calculators to find where you could reduce spend across software, cloud and SAP.
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Snow Scores Highest in Gartner 2020 Critical Capabilities Report for SAM Tools in 3 Out of 4 Use Cases
Check out the full report to get all the details behind Gartner’s 2020 evaluation.
Solutions Partners
Collaborating With Solutions Partners to Drive Cost Savings
Learn how our partners are teaming up with customers around the world to help them reduce costs and enable a remote workforce.
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Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software Achieves The ITAM Review Re-Certification
We’re thrilled to share that Snow Optimizer for SAP® Software has been certified once again by The ITAM Review. Learn more about the review and what that means for our technology.
Study: How the ‘New Normal’ is Changing Cloud Usage and Strategy
Study: How the ‘New Normal’ is Changing Cloud Usage and Strategy
We surveyed 250 IT leaders from around the world and found that over 90% will need to change their cloud strategy in the wake of COVID-19.
australia post
Thanks to Intelligence from Snow, Australia Post Now Delivers More Than Mail

The World Economic Forum estimates that by 2020, there will be 40 zettabytes worth of data created around the globe.

security threats in 2020
Looking ahead – what will be the biggest security threat of 2020?
Victoria Barber offers thoughts on what 2020 might hold for security and how businesses can prepare for the coming year
Snow's new compliancy engine
Automate License Assignments With Snow’s New Compliancy Engine
A deeper dive into Snow's new Oracle Compliance Engine and Dashboards to help businesses manage their Oracle estate more efficiently and effectively
manage risk
How Snow Helps Manage the Risk of One Risk Manager
Snow's Jo Lawton-Davies sits down with one customer at a larger cybersecurity company to discuss how they manage risk