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Executive Views

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Snow Celebrates International Women's Day
In honor of International Women’s Day, we wanted to spotlight members of the Snow Tribe, hear their advice and pay homage to the women who inspire and impact them most.
Solutions Partners
Collaborating With Solutions Partners to Drive Cost Savings
Learn how our partners are teaming up with customers around the world to help them reduce costs and enable a remote workforce.
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To the Power of Snow: Introducing Our New Brand
Snow is excited to reveal our new brand. Learn the story behind our brand's evolution and what you can expect to see in the future.
Better Together at Snow: A Message from our CEO
Better Together at Snow: A Message from our CEO
President and CEO Vishal Rao shares how Snow is coming together to support justice and equality
Snow Software
Ongoing support for our community during COVID-19
Snow CEO Vishal Rao provides an update on the company's preparations to support employees, customers and partners during COVID-19
It’s the End of Windows 7 Support as We Know it – But Do You Feel Fine?

As of 14 January this year, Microsoft stopped releasing automatic updates for the Windows 7 and Server 2008 Operating Systems (OS). This has been a long time coming as Microsoft announced the end of life for the OS when it released the product in October 2009.

Snow Software and Embotics
Snow Software and Embotics: Bringing Technology Intelligence to The Cloud
Snow President & CEO Vishal Rao shares his thoughts on the acquisition of Embotics
an Effective Cybersecurity Program
The 3 Essential Building Blocks of an Effective Cybersecurity Program
CIO Al Pooley looks at how organisations can create or strengthen their cybersecurity foundations
Shake up at SAP
Shake Up at the Top: Why SAP’s Bill McDermott is Vacating the Position on Time
On October 10, SAP announced that Bill McDermott was stepping down as CEO of SAP. This caught virtually everyone in the SAP community by surprise, and the explanations for his sudden departure naturally caused conjecture as to the real reason for the decision.