SAM Solutions

Learn how Software Asset Management solutions from Snow reduce licensing costs, improve availability & minimize compliance risks

Drive down software costs

Reduce your software spend by up to 30% in the first 12 months

Optimize software availability

Eliminate software over-spend while maximizing asset availability

Snow Software Solutions

Software Asset Management & License Optimization across the corporate network & beyond:

Software License Optimization

Reduce the risk and cost of software audits while optimizing the availability of software licenses

Multi-Platform SAM

Unify the management of software assets across the corporate network with Snow

Datacenter SAM

Optimize SAP, IBM & Oracle software license costs & asset availability in the datacenter

SAM in the Cloud

Optimize the cost and availability of cloud-based licenses 


Incorporate virtual assets into SAM to drive down costs & risks

Oracle Optimization

Drive down the cost of managing Oracle installations & minimize non-compliance risks