2017 Predictions

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There is something special about the beginning of a new year, slates are wiped, figures are reset, and suddenly, we are working toward new goals, developing new features, and designing new methods for improving productivity, reducing spend, and staying happy. The new year is a good opportunity to look forward, both from a business and a personal perspective, to pre-empt the shifts and transformations on the horizon, to be able to manage change effectively.

Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 Raises Licensing Questions

In August 2015 we published a blog commenting on the impact of the newly available Oracle Database 12c Standard Edition 2 (SE2) for existing Oracle Standard Edition (SE) and Standard Edition 1 (SE1) customers. The blog remains popular with our readers so we have updated it to include the facts we now know. SE2 is essentially a replacement of SE and SE1. Customers can no longer purchase these two legacy versions. However, the licensing changes included in SE2 will have significant implications for some customers.

Why do organizations need to manage Admin Rights?

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Ask any organization if it grants local admin rights to users for their machines, the response is likely to be mixed. Knowing the damage it can cause, some may respond in horror – a reaction that is often based on previous experience. Or, simply that IT policy has always reserved admin rights for the Service Desk.

Autodesk Licensing Explained

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 Autodesk is a large software vendor that provides over two hundred different software titles to many different industry segments including architecture, engineering, and media and entertainment. Autodesk’s flagship is AutoCAD, a family of products used, for example, in the animation engines for popular PC and console computer games.

Greater Choice for Mobile Technologies

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Crowded and mature, that’s today’s market for smartphones and mobile devices. Apple and Samsung are assured leaders but others such as Sony and Microsoft have equally good brand recognition and strong offerings. Giving consumers and businesses the choice between handsets and operating systems leads to healthy competition and continual development of features and functionality.